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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Soap Making Box Set: A Beginners Guides for Home Making Delux Natural Soaps from Scratch

Soap Making Box Set: A Beginners Guides for Home Making Delux Natural Soaps from Scratch (Soap Making, soap making books, soap making natural) was a free kindle book at the time of this posting.

BOOK #1: Soap Making: A Beginners Guide for Home Making Delux Natural Soaps

Making soap is similar to cooking, find a recipe and use only the best ingredients. Making healthy, natural soaps, is a craft, one that we will show you in this book. This is a beginner’s guide, no experience necessary, we will provide you with knowledge. Learn about the tools of the trade, that you will need to start making your own soap. We will show you how to make soap bars, and liquid soaps. Learn how to add scents, colours and exfoliates to make your deluxe and natural soaps. Become a fully fledged soap maker and make premium soaps, using only the finest, natural ingredients. Not only is it amazing to be using your own home made soap, but it makes an incredible present for friends and family. But, be aware, there is an element of excitement to this hobby, plus an element of danger in the ingredients. Curious? Well, read on and learn.

Here is what you will learn after reading this book:

  • Tools of the Trade: We explain exactly what you will need, and the importance of labeling
  • Techniques of Soap Making: In this section we show you the varying ways that you can use to create your very first batch of soap
  • Recipes: Now you have known how we provide you with some ideas for ingredients
  • Colours, Scents and Exfoliates: Personalize your hand made soaps.

Finishing off with an alternative type of soap other than a solid bar, we show you how to make liquid soap, so the choice is yours.

BOOK #2: Soap Making: A Beginners Guide for Making Handmade Soaps from Scratch

This book was written and designed for those that have heard about soap making or seen it on television and want to give it a try. You may have even seen a kit or two at the local hobby store and didn’t want to pay the high cost. Now you don’t have to, we have put it all together for you right here.
Many people have different ways that they think is best when it comes to making handmade soaps and we are going to discuss a few of them. This book is designed to teach beginner level soap making so don’t worry that we will be getting too technical. We want our readers to feel comfortable enough to get started as soon as they finish the book; not feel like they need another book to explain this book.
In order to fully enjoy a craft one must understand it to the fullest otherwise feelings of frustration and failure set in and crafts get forgotten about. This book will help you to get started and is guaranteed to light a fire that makes you want to learn more and make more soaps.

We will be touching on the following topics along with great instructions for different soaps:

  • History of soap making
  • Basic supplies for soap making
  • Different methods of soap making
  • Health benefits of handmade soap
  • Handmade soap recipes


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