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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Ways To Cook With Your Fireplace

Reflector Oven
The open fire of your fireplace is a very versatile way to cook. There are many ways to cook with your fireplace and can be a great way to have a heated home and a hot meal when power is out. That one fire can not only give you heat, but you can bake, boil, roast, simmer a stew, and more. Pretty much like a campfire, but this is in your home.

One way to cook is by using a Cast-Iron Trivet. Remove some of the coals from the fire and place over to one side in your fireplace, place the trivet on top of that, and place your pot on top of that. Let it cook! You can boil water and make soups and stews this way. It is also a easy way to use your Cast-Iron Dutch Oven .

An easy way to roast some meat over the fire is by using a spit. Just impale the meat with the spit and place the meat over the fire to seal in the juices. Then move it further away from the fire and let it slow cook . Make sure that you have a big roasting pan under the meat to catch the dripping juices. Makes it safer and plus you can baste the meat with its juices while it is cooking.

A Reflector Oven is an awesome way to be able to bake and cook with a fireplace. Pretty simple way to cook. Place in front of fire and the heat reflects to the food. Kind of like the solar oven.

Some other tools to have for fireplace cooking are a hanging griddle, Pie Iron Sandwich Cooker, and a Heavy Duty Grill.

With all or any of these tools for cooking, you will be able to make great family meals for your family. No worries if a winter storm comes through and wipes out your power. 


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