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Sunday, January 4, 2015

DIY Survival Hacks

DIY Survival Hacks was a free book as of the writing of this post for the kindle.

DIY Survival Tactics Everyone Should Know

How ready are you right now to cope with a calamity? Will you survive when things turn for the worse? These uncertain times demand your vigilance and responsibility. Be a survivalist by equipping yourself with vital information for coping with disasters and emergencies. This book talks about the mind of a true survivalist and guides you into developing the mindset of a survivor. It teaches how to develop effective skills and gather essential materials to guarantee your survival despite challenging situations. Specifically, you will learn these:

• What to expect if you become a survivalist
• What being a survivalist means
• How to live like a survivalist
• How to develop the mindset of a survivor
• How to control emotions and think clearly
• What you need to survive
• The essentials of survival
• How to prioritize your needs
• How to acquire important resources
• How to prepare for survival
• What to include in your stockpile
• How to survive common disasters (natural calamities and accidents)
• How to prevent dangerous situations
• How to deal with health emergencies
• How to activate your survival knowledge
• How to hone your survival competence

This book contains more than enough information to prepare you for disasters of various kinds. More importantly, it helps you think and act like a survivor – this is very important because knowledge not used properly is knowledge wasted. Read this and practice what you will learn regularly so that you will be confident enough to face whatever life throws at you and even save other people’s lives.

What You’ll Know from “DIY Survival Hacks”

• The Survivalist Attitude
• Essentials of Survival
• Preparing for Survival – A Prepper Checklist
• Surviving Common Disasters and Survival Situations
• Dealing with Health Emergencies

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