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Saturday, December 27, 2014

The Winter Survival Kit: Natural Remedies & Cures for Cold, Flu, Seasonal Allergies and Sinus Infections

The Winter Survival Kit: Natural Remedies & Cures for Cold, Flu, Seasonal Allergies and Sinus Infections (Health & Wellness, Natural Herbal Remedies,Organic Cures, Alternative Medicine, Book 1) was a free Kindle book when this post was written.

 UNCOVER THE SECRET TO HEALTH: Natural Remedies to Heal and Safeguard Yourself No Prescription Drugs; No Health Insurance - Save Money

A message from Natural Remedies expert and best-selling health & wellness author, M. Clay Polynice

Dear Friends,

I believe the universe brings us to certain places for a reason, and you are here because you need to learn about the amazing benefits of Natural Cures & Remedies. I first began experimenting with Natural Herbal remedies around 20 years ago and have since moved away from pharmaceutical and synthetic drugs all together.

Numerous studies have shown that not only will natural remedies improve your general health; but it can also extend your life span. They harness healing powers from nature, while at the same time, do not contain chemicals that are present in drugs bought from most stores. They're effective, cheap, and are less harmful to you than store bought options.

It really makes sense to look at natural remedies as an alternative method to cure ailments such as colds and toothaches, skin problems (psoriasis and eczema), gastrointestinal problems (Chrohn’s, IBS), and even common infant health concerns (colic, teething, and diaper rash).

My journey has been blessing, my family and I have maintained optimal health and saved thousands of dollars over this period. Friend, you now have the chance to take in timeless health secrets that took me years to learn in only a few hours of reading this E-Book.

Bottom Line - You are going to get all my years of research and expertise at a bargain price so that you can apply these natural techniques and reap the benefits and rewards that they offer!

Ditch the prescription drugs, synthetic pills and find out why millions of people around the globe are moving towards NATURAL REMEDIES!

A Sneak Preview & Benefits of Natural Medicine:

✔ Natural Remedies a current alternative - The fact is prescription drugs often have more harmful side effects than they offer for the good. Natural alternatives have been around for centuries.

Compared to other pharmaceutical products, you know 100% how natural home remedies are made.

✔ Natural Remedies for Seasonal Ailments – Let’s face it - Allergies and seasonal ailments can really wreak havoc for you if you do not know how to control them. Fortunately, there are ways to beat allergies and seasonal ailments that won’t leave you drowsy and tired.

✔ Natural Flu/Cold/Sinus Remedies

✔ Natural Remedies Infections- Our precious little ones are most susceptible to harmful chemicals and other impurities. This chapter shows you how to keep your bundle of joy safe, healthy, and happy!

✔ Cost-Effective:
Drugs made by large pharmaceutical companies are expensive since they are processed, advertised and marketed as commercial products. Natural, homemade remedies are much more economical to produce.

✔More Effective:
The beauty of natural home remedies is that they can treat a wide variety of illnesses.

✔Fewer Side Effects:
It's true that many over the counter medicines contain several ingredients that attack the intended ailments however they don't stop there. These medications affect your other functions and come with side effects. Since natural home remedies only contain pure medicinal purposes, their side effects are greatly minimized.


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