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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Learn Some Skills

What will happen to you and your family when SHTF? Will you be able to take care of your family? You most likely have a stockpile of food and other items, but do you have any skills that you will need to know to be able to just live or to continue having items on hand.


1. Learn the art of bartering.

2. Learn how to hunt, fish, and trap.

3. You learned how to do the list of above, now learn how to butcher and clean your food.

4 Learn how to raise livestock. Even if all that you have room for are some chickens and rabbits, it will help your family.

5. You have got to learn how to garden. This will be a life-saver.

6. Learn some carpentry skills. There won't be any calling a handy man after SHTF.

7. Learn some basics of engineering.

8. Get yourself into a class for learning CPR and learn some first aid. Knowing emergency medicine can save your life or someone's in your family.

9. Teach yourself some basics of food production. Making your own cheese, butter, and bread can really be helpful and keep your days enjoyable.

10. Get some marksmanship skills.

11. Learn how to make your own ammo. Learn how to make some alternate weapons in case you run out of gun ammo.

12. Some skills in pottery making, sewing, knitting, and wood carving can be a great skill to have. Be able to repair items and make new items that are needed can really help your household go on.

13. Learn all that you can about herbal remedies and how to administer them.Your are not going to be able to run to the corner pharmecy. You can grow the herbs and use them.

14. Everyone in your family has got to learn how to purify water. You have to have clean and drinkable water.

15. Firemaking skills are a MUST! Learning how to build a fire can keep you warm, fed, and clean.

16. It might be a good idea for someone in your family to learn how to make wine or beer.

17. Learn the many ways to be able to cook! Solar cooking, fire, grill, rocket stove, etc. There are many ways to cook without power - LEARN THEM ALL!!!!!!!

18. Being able to make candles will give you light!!



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