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Thursday, December 18, 2014

I Needed A New Rug! Frugal DIY!

 I was needing a new rug of some sort to go between the living room and kitchen. Nothing fancy, just something to cover where someone had spilled some coffee.

I was at the Dollar Tree and noticed some little throw rugs and grabbed 3 of them that matched. Thinking I would just lay them there.

But, when I got home I had a light bulb go up above my head. Get out the Sewing Basket and sew them together and have a bigger and more solid rug.

I turned on an episode of Haven on Netflix and got to sewing the longer sides together. Leaving the fringe on the outside. Just a quick stitch by hand and now have a new rug that fits perfect for what I wanted it for. Plus, it only cost 3 dollars!!!

Frugal home design at its best!! You could easily do this with as many rugs as you want.


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