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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Screw Ebola!

Screw Ebola!: How to Protect Yourself (and Your Family) from a Pandemic was a free kindle book when this post was written.

Ebola - How do you separate the hype from the facts?

Screw Ebola! is a heavily researched compilation of facts gathered from
scientific research papers, observations based on first-hand knowledge
from work in the health & wellness field, and ready-to-use,
step-by-step information about how to have the best chance of surviving
any pandemic situation.

Broken down into 5 easy-to-read sections:

Section 1: Ebola Virus Facts & Fiction
Section 2: Resistance - How to Turn Your Body into a Fortress
Section 3: How to Create a Safe Environment in a Pandemic
Section 4: Attitudes Toward Ebola
Section 5: In Conclusion (more stunning developments)

Real Research - No "Cut-and-Paste" rehash here

Take advantage of over 340 man-hours of up-to-date research and 20+
years of experience in the health & wellness field in this
easy-to-read, comprehensive guide to protecting yourself and your loved
ones, not only from a potential Ebola pandemic, but from any other
public health crisis that might arise in the future.

Shocking Documentation

You will be shocked to discover the 'behind the scenes' documentation
that hasn't seen the light of day in the media, and you'll gain insight
into the cleverly hidden agendas that may be driving this potentially
devastating crisis. The surprising patent filed on the Ebola virus in
2009 will leave some readers taken aback, especially when they learn
who owns the patent, and what the patent covers.

Learn why manufactured viruses like Ebola (Yes, Ebola is a manufactured
virus!) are very serious, and why you should take them seriously, too.
Discover why you should not take any vaccination for a pandemic
disease, and what you can do about forced vaccinations.
Learn not only why should you be prepared in advance, but learn the
specific steps to take, and the specific items you should have on hand
in order to have the best chance for survival.

See for Yourself, Decide for Yourself, Protect Yourself

With 108 footnotes, Screw Ebola! won't leave you wondering about the
source of the information, while the easy-to-read style will help you
decide the best approach for yourself and your loved ones should the
Ebola virus or any other pandemic threaten. This book explains how to
get healthy and stay healthy, whether you are faced with the Ebola
virus or this year's flu.

Knowing how to deal with an infectious disease can save the lives of
both you and your loved family. Screw Ebola! provides readers with
information and practical steps for keeping safe in a world of highly
contagious and potentially dangerous pandemics.

Buy your copy now to protect yourself, your family, and your loved ones.


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