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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Preppers Survival Essentials

Preppers Survival Essentials - The Efficient 14 Day Guide to Prepping for Modern Day Disasters in 14 Days (Preppers Survival Guide, Preppers Survival, ... Modern Disaster Guide, Survival Essentials) was a free kindle book when this post was written.

The Guide To Prepping For Modern Day Disasters In Just Few Days

Preppers Survival Essentials

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The goal of this article is to change you into a well equipped and fully stocked jack of all trades who is good with his hands and has specific skill sets that would be essential in survival situations. These skills include carpentry, steelworks, masonry, basic survival, hand to hand combat, practical shooting, and hunting skills among others. You might not have all the above mentioned skills sets. It will not be realistic to make you believe that you can be an expert in these skills in 14 days. This ebook will stress the importance of getting the appropriate training or education.

7 Reasons To Buy This Book

= > 1. Its Short And Informative No Fluff!!
= > 2. This Book Is Straight Forward And Gets To The Point
= > 3. It Has A Great Concept
= > 4. Learn What You Need To Know FAST!
= >5. Don’t Waste Hours Reading Something That Won’t Benefit You
= > 6. Specifically Written To Help And Benefit The Reader!
= > 7. The Best Compact Guide To Learn What You Need To Learn In A Short Period of Time

Check Out What You Will Learn After Reading This Book Below!!

  • How To Be Prepared And Alert

  • The Important Rule Of Prepping

  • The Basic Preparation For Any Disaster

  • The Supplies And Kits Needed That Will Last Long

  • The Special Skills You Need To Learn For Survival


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