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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Easy Steps To Flush Your Car's Radiator

We are still getting our car done. Slowly moving along. We are not rich so we are having to take it in when have the money and are having to do a lot of things ourselves.

Hubby did radiator flush this past weekend. Great timing! It is getting cold now here with this arctic blast.

The radiator of the car should be flushed every few months. This prevents any particle build up and lowers the rust that gets built up inside.

Steps in flushing a radiator:

1. You must park your car over a level surface. Then you must turn on the heater. While engine is heating up, cover the engine to prevent splashes from going into the radiator.

2. Remove the radiator cap. Let water out and detach upper and lower hose radiators.

3. Check the hoses. Faulty hoses should be replaced.

4. Allow fluids to leak out of radiator and note the color. Brown water means radiator has a rust build up.

5. Plug a running hose into the radiator and let water run for several minutes until the water that drips is clear and not dirty.

6. Plug the bottom part of radiator with the same running hose to do a reverse flush action. Repeat flushing from top and bottom for several times.

7. When done, fill the radiator with coolant liquid and close the radiator cap.

8. Make sure that the cap is in good condition or else replace it.

9. Start the engine and leave running for several minutes to see if there is any leak.

10. If there is no leak, then procedure was successful. You may need to add a sealant on the cap to ensure that no coolant escapes but it is not that important and can be added later on.


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