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Sunday, October 12, 2014

What To Do For Entertainment After SHTF?

Today started out as such an awesome day, perfect weather, etc. Planned on spending most of day at park. Well, son went out to go to Church and found that his back tire on his car was flat! So, he had to drive our car. He has been gone all day! We have been sitting here all this long long day. This has been just one day, what do we do for entertainment after SHTF? At least today , I have had tv and games, etc. Phone to call and bother people I know. Trying to keep mind off the fact that The Walking Dead season 5 starts tonight and I can't watch it. After SHTF we will most likely have no power, so stock up on puzzles, books, and board games. Maybe stock up on toys and such for the kiddos. You could start some crafts. I am starting to save t-shirts so that I can strip them up to make a braided rug. I want a big one! That will take most of the winter and no power to make , except my own! My older son writes and my youngest one loves to paint. So that is a good thing to have on hand. Maybe learn a musical instrument. My daughter was just given a guitar. That will be fun for her to learn. There are a lot of things that can be done after SHTF to keep you entertained. And to keep your mind off of the bad things going on.


Canadian Doomer said...

In a grid down world, you'll have far less entertainment time than you think you will. We've lived off-grid with essentially no electricity (160 watts of solar panels to run lights) for over a year. We have heated water on the stove for all washing. We have cut, carried and burned firewood. When you need to do most things by hand, there is surprisingly little free time.

So entertainment grid-down? Learning to knit, crochet, darn, sew. Chopping, carrying and stacking firewood. Hauling water. Learning to cook from scratch - really, really, really from scratch. Telling stories. Reading. Lots of reading - gardening books, livestock books, health books. Planning next year's garden because it's SO important that it is planned right. Cleaning.

The one thing I expect knowing will be post-SHTF is *bored*. :)

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