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Monday, October 13, 2014

Ebola Pandemic Survival Guide: The Quick-and-Dirty Guide to Prepare and Survive

Ebola Pandemic Survival Guide: The Quick-and-Dirty Guide to Prepare and Survive was a free book for the kindle when this post was written. A much needed book.

Ebola Pandemic Survival Guide delivers you the bare-bones tips, tactics, and strategies you need to protect yourself from a sudden pandemic.

Understand this is not a long-winded encyclopedia. If you’re looking for a 300-page vacation read, go elsewhere. This is hard-hitting, to-the-point, foundational information you need to protect yourself.

We assembled this guide to deliver you the most up-to-date information available for your safety, condensed into a 10-minute read. Here’s a sample of what you’ll discover:

•Ebola is almost impossible to differentiate between a regular flu at first...except for one key symptom: Memorize this and you’ll practically have X-ray vision, and be able to tell who around you merely has the sniffles...or something, much, much worse...

•The Number 1 myth about how Ebola victims look when they first begin showing symptoms (if you think you’re staying safe because you’re keeping an eye out from this, then you could end up surrounded by infected people without even knowing it)

•How Ebola victims don’t actually die from the bleeding, and what kills them instead

•The top 4 vulnerable points on your body for an Ebola attack and infection

•4 herbs with unique anti-viral properties: These could make the difference between a robust immune system and becoming Ebola’s next helpless victim

•4 vitamins you might want to stock up on, before they’re mobbed off shelves and supplies disappear

•And much, much more…

Time is running out – scroll up and click the button to begin reading. If you have Kindle, you can access this guide for free, so you have nothing to lose. Because of what’s at stake, you must arm yourself with the information which could save your life right now.

Just a few minutes from now, you could be wandering around the internet, worrying how to protect yourself from Ebola…or you could be discovering exactly what you need to know, ensuring your safety, security, and peace of mind.

The choice is yours. Get the Ebola Pandemic Survival Guide right now. 


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