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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Camping Checklist for Forgetful Campers

Don't Forget Anything!

Backpack, daypack, and/or fanny pack
Bags - Tent bag, grocery bags, etc.
Cardboard boxes if needed
Ice Chests
5 gallon bucket or similar container
Large (18-30 gal) Rubbermaid(tm) container for food storage
Lighting - Check batteries!
Maglight - The larger, the better
Gas lantern (and/or electric)
BIC lighter
Matches (preferably water proof)
Spare batteries and bulbs
Spare lantern fuel and mantles
Solar Panel
Glow Sticks
Batteryless Bulbless Flashlight
Sleeping bag
Space Blanket
Ground Cloth - Tarp for big tents
Floor Mats (use at tent entrance)
Mattress or pad - Inflator for air mattress
Seam Sealer
Camp axe or hammer to pound tent stakes
Shade Canopy & Rope & Stakes
Emergency blaket (found at walmart)
Tikki Torches (fill with citronella oil), also listed in medical.
Overhead rain tarps (not just shade).
Hay bale (to spread in dirt or mud areas).
10-12 inch nails from hardware store for emergency tent stakes
Tea candles to mark where tent stakes are
Sign that says No Candles in Tents!
Epipen if you have allergies
Bug Repellent - Spray, Citronella Candle, etc.
Tylenol, Advil, Aspirin, Naproxin
Antibiotics creams
Tweezers for splinters & ticks
Antiseptic, bandaids and bandages
First Aid Kit (may include all the above items)
Benadryl Sinus Tablets
Allergy Eye drops
Pocket Tissues
Campho-phenique (good for minor burns, cuts, scrapes and many use it on
poison ivy)
Moist Towelettes (for cleaning wounds and early uses on poison ivy)
Extra weeks supply of any Prescriptions
Box of latex gloves (100 pack)
Cleaning & Personal Items
Bar soap
Hand Sanitizer (waterless)
Toothpaste & toothbrush
Comb/hair brush/clips/bands/hair ties
Make-up bag
Razor & shaving cream
Toilet Paper
To save space, unroll toilet paper and reroll it and put inside the tube
Whisk broom to clean table and tent site
Contact lens supplies
Feminine supplies
Dishwashing soap and rubber gloves
Dish rack
Laundry Detergent (biodegradeable preferred)
List of important phone numbers
Spare car/truck/boat/rv keys
Small shovel
Swiss Army knife
Compass and Map
Fishing pole and gear (+ license & bait!)
Duct tape and/or electrical tape
Safety pins
Sewing kit
Cellular phone w/extra battery and car adapter
Two way radio(s) (ham, CB, Family)
Camera w/good battery and extra film
Camcorder w/good battery and extra tapes
Radio and/or TV
Weather Radio
Crankup Radio
Books (ID books, Little House), cards, games, toys, Bible, etc.
Card table
MONEY, credit card, ID
Pocket Tool
Guitar/Harmonicas/Other musical instrument(s)
Signal Mirror
Travel Clock
Clothesline and Clothespins
Basic tools (screwdrivers, pliers, etc.)
Copper pipe pieces for the campfire See note
Rope or String
Leather strips
Heavy rubber bands
Canoe or boat
Life jackets
Piece of carpeting (fake grass) for tent or RV entranceway
Pet Food
Eyeglass strap (to hold them on your head)
Fire starters (found in BBQ sections of stores) made from wax and sawdust
Steel Wool (can be used to start a fire by touching ends of battery to it - BE CAREFUL!)
Sand Paper
Extension cords
Pads of paper and pencils/pens
Milk crates (good for storage, step ladder and more)
Fly Swatters
Ear Plugs (to block out the noisy neighbors)
Jacket - As weather dictates; Eskimo style, mackintosh, windbreaker, etc.
Poncho - Doubles as emergency tent/lean-to
Pants/Overalls, with belt
Underwear - 2
Shirt - 2 or 3 (one light, one flannel)
Shoes, shower shoes, HIKING BOOTS
Socks - 2 pair
Work gloves & warm mittens/gloves
Swim suit
Sulfer - keeps chiggers out of your clothes
Stove with fuel & lighter
Newspapers for lighting a campfire
Firestarter sticks (wax/sawdust things from the grocery store)
Charcoal or wood & Grill for BBQ
Frying Pan - Nonstick w/plastic spatula is nice
Cooking skewers (for hot dogs, s'mores, etc.)
Pot or sauce pan - Big enough to cook noodles for all; With lid
Dutch Oven
Can opener - If you have canned goods
P-38 Can Opener (military type, small, flat and fits in wallet)
Coffee maker & filters
Pot lifter and/or pot holders
Stew Pot
Soup Ladel
Sandwich maker (type you put in fire)
Measuring cup
Cutting Board
Veggie Peeler
Plate - Partition tray/plate is nice
Collapsable camping/hiking cup
Alladin travel mug
Kitchen knife - Nice to have; in general, carry a pocket knife
Small mixing bowl
Knife, Fork, Spoon, Spatula
Small flat and phillips screwdrivers
Scrub Pad
Dish Pan
Tupperware (for leftovers)
Paper towels & napkins
Trash bags
Garbage disposal bags (stronger than regular trash bags)
Paper plates, cups, bowls, etc.
Plastic knives, forks, spoons
Ziplock Bags
Aluminum Foil
Dish soap
At least 1/2 gallon per person/day -- Water filter if relying on natural water sources
Water bottle, to carry while hiking
Garden hose
Food & Drink
Pancake Mix - Krusteaze, 1/2 cup per person per day (need large skillet)
Cooking Oil - About 1 oz per person per day or Pam Spray
Syrup - About 2 oz per person per day
Butter - 1/2 stick per person per day
Malt-o-meal, or Cream of...{wheat, rice, ...}
Oatmeal - Instant single serving packs
Potatoes - 1-2 per person per day -- freeze dried if packing
Bacon - 2 slices per person per day
Eggs - 1-2 per person per day, fresh or powdered
Noodles - Spaghetti, Angel Hair, Ramen, or shells
Spaghetti Sauce - In jars or dehydrated
Parmesan cheese
Bouillon cubes - Chicken & Vegetable
Rice packages
Soup/Chili - mix or cans
Tuna - Don't forget Mayo, pickles, and onions
Onions, lemons, mushrooms, Tomatoes
Bread - One or two loaves per day if camping with a small group
Dry condiments - Salt, Pepper, Spices, Sugar
Mayo - Small jar or squeeze bottle
Cheese - Cheddar, swiss, American
Fruit - Small fruit cups or fresh fruit
Veggies - carrot/celery sticks daily
Taco Stuff - (Meat, seasoning package, olives, lettuce, tortillas, buns)
Hamburger meat (pre seasoned and ready to cook)
Frozen hashbrowns in the bag
Cocoa, Coffee, & Teas (don't forget SUGAR!)
Marshmallows, Graham Crackers & Hershey Bars (S'mores)
Peanut Butter & Jelly
Deli meat slices: Turkey, Ham, Salami
Hot dogs & buns
Milk, juice, soft drinks, Ice Tea, Lemon Ade, Kool-Aid
Vienna Sausages
Lil Smokies
Hamburgers & Buns
Corn on Cob
Nutri Grain Bars/Granola Bars
Fixin's for stew (some of the items are above)
Jiffy Pop or Regular popcorn
Popcorn oil
Spray oil (like Pam)
Squeeze butter or margarine
Camping with Children
Current photos of the children in case they get lost
Swim Diapers
Jogging strollers
Backpack carriers
MANY sets of clothing
Extra pair(s) of shoes
Jar foods
Gerber toddler foods
Favorite blanket or stuffed toy(very important!)
Powdered milk(for children that have outgrown formula)
Baby Hammock
Baby Swing
kidsafe bugspray
Portapotty with grocery bag liner (easy cleanup)
From website: [] - Online sales of top brand name tents and camping equipment.


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