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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Battery Powered Shower??

I was looking up things online and looking for things to use off-grid and found this, ZODI Outback Gear Battery Powered Shower.Wow! There are just so many useful things that can be found for using with no power! Why do we even need to depend on the power companies?

This little badboy is :
  • Battery-powered outdoor water shower
  • 6-volt battery-operated water pump with debris screen
  • Battery case (with on/off switch) runs on 4 D-cell batteries
  • 8-foot shower hose with water-conserving showerhead
  • Pump works in any water source; weighs 2 pounds
Enjoy an outdoor shower anytime, anywhere with the Zodi battery-powered shower. Ideal for quick cool-water showers on hot days or rinsing dishes, the shower is a breeze to use: simply submerge the battery-operated pump in a water container or other water source and switch it on. In no time at all, you'll be in full cleanup mode, with a convenient pump adding water pressure to the mix. The shower--which also makes it a snap to drain water fountains or wash dogs--comes with an 8-foot shower hose with a water-conserving showerhead. The entire unit weighs only 2 pounds. About Zodi
Zodi's first products heated water in only 20 minutes, but that wasn't good enough. The company soon cut it to 10 minutes, but waiting 10 minutes for a shower? Now, Zodi's hot water showers give you hot water anytime, anywhere in less than 10 seconds. Today, the Zodi brand is synonymous with innovation, quality, and performance, and is sold in more than 75 countries. Zodi's systems can even be found on Mt. Everest. In addition to selling on-demand water heaters and showers for the outdoor industry, Zodi makes similar products for military and industrial needs, including lifesaving hot decon showers for soldiers, firefighters, and EMS teams. Zodi is headquartered in Midvale, Utah.

Product Description

The Zodi Battery Powered Shower is a self-contained portable hand washer and shower ideal for rinsing dishes, cleaning up, showers and more. Enjoy portable shower anytime, anywhere. The Battery Powered Shower is ultra convenient, just add 4 "D" batteries and place the compact and powerful pump in any water source. The Battery Powered Shower is great around the house, draining water fountains, kiddie pools, washing the dogs, etc.


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