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Tuesday, July 15, 2014


THE COMPLETE ZOMBIE WORLD TRILOGY (THE ZOMBIE WORLD ORDER SERIES) was a free kindle book when this post was written. Welcome to the world of the Zombie World Order Trilogy, where the evil masters of The New World Order manipulate the masses through terror and psy-ops designed to reduce the American People into abject submission.

This is the complete Zombie World Order Trilogy,contained in one book, containing Part One, Two, and Three, with new illustrations.

In Part One, The Zombie World Order, total strangers are thrown together into apocalyptic mayhem to test a bizarre form of psychotherapy. Everything they have is to be burned away in the hope they will be left with the will to survive.

Suicidal and ravaged patients from a rehab are forced to participate in a reality show gone wild, ostensibly meant to document their recovery, in reality meant to publicize their horrifying deaths.

In an Orwellian acid trip, shadow government controlled hordes of Zombies are systematically unleashed upon the East Coast of America by the would-be destroyers of The American Constitution.

Only one person understands the true nature of this evil--Marie, the persecuted daughter of one of the conspirators. Using only her wits, courage, and sawed-off shotgun, Marie must lead the tattered remnants of America in the fight against a Zombie World Order.

In Part Two, Dead To Rights, Marie and her band of battered survivors again must battle an implacable foe, with their very lives staked on the outcome.

From the mountains of Afghanistan to the Capitol Mall in Washington D.C., Marie and her troubled band of misfits confront an insidious plot to create a New World Order Empire using Zombies as change-agents. Fighting against cunning forces eager to destroy the U.S. Constitution, Marie must outwit diabolical evil to thwart the plot to create a Zombie World Order.

Also contained in this book is The Lazarus Law, the epic, 326 page, 110,000 word conclusion to the Zombie World Order Trilogy,

A shadow government infiltrated by an ancient cult treacherously attempts to engineer a Zombie Apocalypse, to bring about the thousand year reign of The Anti-Christ.

Once again, Marie leads her misfit band of followers into battle against the forces of this ancient and evil cult. Mistrusted by both her friends and enemies alike, Marie faces treachery and deceit at every turn. Facing Zombie hordes created and directed to be weapons of mass destruction, she and her friends must overcome their personal struggles while facing an ever more ruthless foe.

Surrounded by Zombie hordes and shadow government betrayal, Marie and each of her friends must fight for spiritual redemption and physical survival.

“Troubled characters you might have spent time with in a cold clammy bar (at least those of us who have had that type experience) struggle to survive the purposeful creation of zombie armies.......Pulling strength and weakness from pasts which have crushed their souls and hardened their resolve to live, each struggles to survive an onslaught of organized, government created zombies hordes roving the Mid Atlantic states...."..


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