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Sunday, July 27, 2014

SURVIVE Infinite Dangers -- The Family Survival Guide of 21st Century Dangers

SURVIVE Infinite Dangers -- The Family Survival Guide of 21st Century Dangers was a free book for kindle when this post was written.

 FINALLY, a ‘survivalist” book written for the average suburbanite whose most dangerous task in life until now has been doing battle with crab grass. This book is not meant for the experienced outdoors type who enjoys solitary months “living off the land” in the backwoods of Alaska but, instead, is meant for people who are more at home at “camp Marriott”; someone who enjoys a walk in the park followed by a few hours in a hot tub. The author fits that description so this book was easy to write from first-person experience! You will not find instructions on which bug parts are edible or how to live in a dirt dug-out cave for a few years.

Most people just want to know (1) “what are these “dangers” in SIMPLE terms and (2) how do I best protect my family and others who join my group? You want information to tell you which disasters are not worth worrying about (that the media just scares viewers with for ratings) and which ones may be world changing. You won’t remember everything you read in this book but, keeping it handy, you will have a quick reference guide when a bulletin appears on a TV or radio station with “important information”. It could be anything from something that may lead to your life totally changing to something that won’t even be in the newspaper tomorrow. But you’ll probably have no idea as newscasters seem to love to repeat long scientific words given them by their producers. They also have no idea if it is important or not but they know to make it sound important!

People don’t want to spend hundreds of hours reading becoming an expert on every subject these media “talking heads” banter about. You don’t need to! You have no idea and you really don’t care. I’ve done all that for you in this book. All of these newly invented man-made “Infinite Dangers” that are easy to protect against make up at least 95% of the man-made dangers that didn’t exist twenty or even ten years ago. What exactly is “Infinite Dangers? Simple! Anything seriously dangerous to you and your family and/or group as well as a community, city, state, country or even the world! While the author is not an expert in survivalism, the information contained in this book comes from many expert sources and has been reviewed by experts for completeness and accuracy.

This book is more like 5,000 pages in length. Maybe even 50,000 if you count the contents of ALL the Web sites mentioned. No, that is not a typo. You’ll notice extensive mentions of Web sites. Why waste paper in this book to convey knowledge that is already extensively covered within many Internet sites. The Web sites referenced convey far more information than I could ever write in this book. They provide more detail and more information than I could jam into this book unless you want to buy a 5,000 page book printed in very small type. In fact, this book could be a six page list of small type Web sites except you wouldn’t know which sites are most important and you wouldn’t know what to do with the information. Thus, consider this your “reference book” that either has the information you need within this book, Web addresses of the sites that have the needed information or titles of other books you may wish to buy.

Unlike many books on the subject of surviving and living through disasters from minor short-term local ones to worldwide long-term disasters near the stage of Armageddon, this book does not divide chapters into specific disasters (both by nature and manmade) such as earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis, terrorist attacks, nuclear radiation, pandemics, anarchy and a hundred other specific dangers but, instead, assumes that 90% of preparation and survival of all disasters is essentially the same. It does not waste time repeating the same information chapter after chapter. IF YOU PREPARED FOR EVERYTHING, YOU ARE PREPARED FOR ANYTHING.


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