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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Keeping Important Paperwork Safe...

I was sent some really great items to review last week. The SlimMate Storage Clipboard really caught my eye when I opened the box because of its awesome bright pink and the fact that it is a storage clipboard. It has a closure on it that really holds tight and there is no way that it will come open. Perfect for keeping paperwork in so that it won't get lost or tore up. It has a Slim design that minimizes bulk and fits easily into a backpack, briefcase or other tight space yet offers plenty of storage. Perfect for someone who is mobile. You can use it as a desk with its smooth surface. My hubby grabbed this when he came home last night for his sleeping break. I was in shock because it is so bright pink, but he said that he didn't care about the color of it , that it was perfect for him to use in his truck for his logs and tickets.

I kept the Recycled Clipboard that I also got. It is smaller, but still has a strong clip to it. But don'[t let the memo size scare you off. It will securely hold up to 1/2 and inch of paper. I love that it is Assembled in Mississippi by Adults with Disabilities. Proudly made in the USA!I love the smaller size of this one, it fits perfectly in my handbag. When I was at the park with my son the other day, I had it out and was figuring out bills. I love it. a neat little take along clipboard for everyday use.

We have gotten a lot of use out of the Glue Stic and the Glue Style Pen that I was also sent. Being a homeschooling family we use a lot of glue and love these glue stics. The one is colored so my little man can see where it is and gets the stuff stuck onto the project where it needs to go. Very good idea to make it colored like that. The glue pen has a very precise tip to it that makes it very useful for smaller details. It goes where you want it to go and dries quickly. It has a ergonomic shape that fits perfectly in young hands. Washes easily with cold water. The quick 'n clean paper glue for school and home!

Shoplet is the place to go for all of your Office Supplies. Very good prices. They also have all of the Promotional Products that your business an use no matter how small or big it is. Office Stationary can be found here also. Anything that you can think of needing for your office, even Medical Supplies.


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