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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Survival Training: 24 Easy to Learn Methods for Learning How to Start a Fire, Create Firestarters and Make Waterproof Matches

Survival Training: 24 Easy to Learn Methods for Learning How to Start a Fire, Create Firestarters and Make Waterproof Matches was a free book for the kindle or the free kindle reading app when this post was written.

Can you start a fire without matches?

In survival situations being able to build a fire is one of the skills that can mean the difference between life and death. It is something that can be learned as practice makes perfect. With some patience, making a fire can become a technique that you can readily add to your arsenal with or without the use of matches.

Will you keep your head and follow directions?

Of course this does mean getting your hands dirty and quite possibly burned at times too. Above all though, the real keys are attention to detail, a great deal of patience and being aware of your surroundings.

Without a doubt, fire is one of the 3 most necessary elements in survival situations along with shelter and water. It provides a number of things both physical and mental including: warmth, heat to dry clothes, a way to purify water, a method to cook food, smoke to signal a rescue party, a means to melt snow for drinking water, comfort and security, a way to repel wide animals and light to see or light a torch.

Here is the TOC to see what you will learn:

Introduction 2
Disclaimer 3
Gathering Materials 7
Choosing a Location 11
Building a Fire 12
Techniques for Starting a Fire 14
Using Matches or Lighters 14
Using a Firestarter 14
Flint & Steel 15
Flint & Magnesium 16
Bacon Grease 16
Using Water 16
Balloons 16
Condoms 17
Clear Plastic Sheet 17
Clear Plastic Sheet & Frame 17
Light Bulbs 18
Using Ice 18
Using Friction 19
Hand Drill 19
Bow Drill 20
Using a Flashlight 22
Fix Wet Matches 22
Using Chemicals 22
Potassium permanganate & Glycerin 22
Aluminum powder & Iodine crystals 23
Using a Battery 23
Battery & Steel Wool 23
Battery & Paper Clip 23
Battery & Wire 24
Battery & Cigarette Paper 24
Using a Lens 24
Magnifying Glass 24
Eyeglass method 25
Binocular lens 25
Using an Empty Lighter 26
Using Chocolate and an Empty Can 26

Special Bonus Section
Bonus 28
Waterproof Matches 28
Turpentine 28
Nail Polish 28
Candle 28
Paraffin Wax 29
Char Cloth 29


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