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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Get Organized! Label Everything!

Slowly, I am getting this house organized. It is taking forever. Seems like when I get one spot done another one is in more of a mess. The one thing that is taking me so long is that I am packing a lot of things up in boxes to put in the shed. I have a ton of stuff in the house that I have to keep , but can be safely set out in shed if boxed up good.  But, the number one thing that you have to do when boxing up items to store, is you have to label them well. Label everything.
I was sent some of these awesome Sharpie Permanent markers to review. They work the best for this type of job. You have no worries about the writing coming off or staying clear. I taped a piece of paper onto the outside of the box and used the Sharpie Premium Pen to make a list on it of what was in the box. Makes it a lot easier to deal with , put them together, and know what is inside. I love the Sharpie premium pen. It just feels so good to write with. This is now my favorite pen to use for everything. Plus, it is refillable.
If I have something dark to write on I can use the Metallic Permanent Marker for writing on it. Shows up great. I used a silver one to write on the black paper in the picture on this post. I love it. Great to write with and shows up very well. I had never had a metallic marker like these before and these really surprised me at how well they show up and how well they look on the black paper. Really cool.
We had a lot of fun with our new Sharpie Neon Permanent Markers! Used them to decorate some sunglasses and I love the ones that my daughter did. She now has some very stylish sunglasses for if we ever have a summer!! This winter is going on and on and it was fun to decorate the sunglasses and think about summer. These worked great for decorating with. Dried very quick so we did not have to worry about them smearing or messing up while she did the work. They also are fun for the fact that they fluoresces under a black light. Countless ideas on what can be done with these fun markers.
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