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Saturday, March 15, 2014


I have had this book, EMP Survival: :How to Prepare Now and Survive, When an Electromagnetic Pulse Destroys Our Power Grid, on my survival book shelf for a while now. I pull it out every so often to reread it. It is a great book that is full of some very simple ideas on what to do after an EMP happens.

From the Back Cover

An EMP attack might cost $20 billion and a lot of inconvenience or- it might cause significant mortality.
The power grid failure could be repaired in days or- it could take years.
It could happen today or- next decade.
While Congress hears testimony of our nuclear armed enemies with enhanced EMP weapons- our electric power grid is more vulnerable than ever.
Political leaders and scientists encouraged Americans to prepare for a long term power outage in Congressional testimony. They admit to doing so themselves.
This book describes our personal preparation, survival research and purchasing experience to prepare for an EMP attack.

About the Author

This book is based on our reading of survival preparation texts and congressional testimony of EMP-related hearings, combined with our experience and training.  We have had careers in electrical engineering, holistic nutrition and public health sanitation. The intent is to describe our preparation, research and purchasing experience so that readers can benefit from our effort. The EMP survivalist must have some expertise in areas of communication, medicine, first aid, wild foods, solar energy, and electronics.  We hope that readers will further research and enhance these plans and options for their situation.


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