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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Do You Have A Meeting Place If SHTF??

What if you are separated from your family and others in your household during a disaster or any other type of calamity? Do you have a place set up where you can meet up?

Call a family meeting tonight and talk about this. Plan for if SHTF while you are not home and what if you can't get home. Plan for if you have no cell phone service. How will you communicate etc? Have a meeting place that you all can get too by walking. Just in case there are no vehicles.

One good thing to do , is test this plan out several times. Make sure it works and by testing it out you will also find out what doesn't work. It has to be a great plan, in case you can't use your cell phones or any other type of communication. Your meeting place should be somewhere that is central to where everyone is already at everyday. Like schools, work, etc. The meeting place should also be a safe place. Also plan for if someone is at the house most of the time. Like , me , a stay at home mom. That is part of our plan. Kids and dad all have a meeting place and , if I can, I need to stay at the house and wait on them to get here. We have walkie talkies that I have here at home and a set kept in the car. They can talk to me when they get close enough and let me know what it going on and if I should leave and head to the meeting place. We have tried it out 2 times now and also hubby calls me up on the radio when he gets close to town just to make sure they still are in working order. I don't have a cell phone. Got rid of it a couple of years ago. So I am used to not having a way to communicate with others when I am not home. Get to the safe place quick and get back together , than you can go from there.


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