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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

What Does Being Frugal Mean?

In the Websters 1828 Dictionary the word FRUGAL Means :

Economical in the use or appropriation of money, goods or provisions of any kind; saving unnecessary expense, either of money or of any thing else which is to be used or consumed; sparing; not profuse, prodigal or lavish. We ought to be frugal not only in the expenditure of money and of goods, but in the employment of time. It is followed by of, before the thing saved; as frugal of time. It is not synonymous with parsimonious, nor with thrifty, as now used.

Frugality Means :

1. Prudent economy; good husbandry or housewifery; a sparing use or appropriation of money or commodities; a judicious use of any thing to be expended or employed; that careful management of money or goods which expends nothing unnecessarily, and applies what is used to a profitable purpose; that use in which nothing is wasted. It is not equivalent to parsimony, the latter being an excess of frugality, and a fault. Frugality is always a virtue. Nor is it synonymous with thrift, in its proper sense; for thrift is the effect of frugality.
Without frugality none can become rich, and with it few would be poor.
2. A prudent and sparing use or appropriation of any thing; as frugality of praise.

  • This is what we all need to do - learn to use our time and resources wisely. Be frugal with everything. Not be wasteful. Being frugal is going to be different for every household. Every ones idea of being frugal is going to be different. 
  • We all need to step back and really search through how we are spending our time and money and decide how we can all be more frugal.
  • Grab a notebook and write down what you can live without. Ways to save! Time and money. Do you spend too much time on your computer? Facebook take up a lot of your time? TV? How can you save money in the kitchen?
  • There are many ways to save around your house. Take the time , have a family meeting, and work out ways to save. BE FRUGAL!!


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