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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

How to make tinctures and heal your body naturally - herbal remedies from medicinal herbs and tincture

How to make tinctures and heal your body naturally - herbal remedies from medicinal herbs and tinctures was a free kindle book when this post was written.

 Drift into the fantastically aromatic field of remedial tinctures and expose an alternative, balanced you. Uplift your spirits, restore your present health, and take pleasure in absolute tranquility. No matter whether your desire is relief for a particular ailment or universal health and well being, these scientifically integrated medicinal herbs & spices may enhance your life with their mysterious, vitalizing, and physical health giving capabilities.

In this book, I take you by the hand as you delve into making tinctures which yield miraculous results, from herbs & spices you already know and may have growing in your garden or hidden away in your kitchen. Once you enter the fascinating world of tincture making, your life will never be the same again.

Discover how to make natures own medicine for the following ailments;

> Arthritis - 3 different formula's to get pain under control and those joints moving again
> Athlete's foot - so simple a child can make it
> Cold sores - finally get rid of those nasty blemishes for GOOD!
> Colds & Flu - Don't be held a prisoner any longer, banish those winter bugs
> Depression - Start seeing the lighter side of life with this easy to make tincture
> Erectile dysfunction (Impotency) - Guys, get your youthful vigour back at any age!
> Headaches & Migraine - Keep a cool head and maintain your posture with this 'must have' tincture
> Insomnia - Sleep like a baby every single night of your life
> PMS - Finally take control of the monthly Gremlins and feel like a million dollars

And much, much more....

24 formula's are included, along with direction on how to make tinctures and extracts the easy way. Make these astounding herbal medicines in three different ways, using easy to find ingredients such as vinegar.


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