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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Unclog A Toilet!

Had a long night and morning. Our toilet was clogged up! Started last night at about 6 pm and I finally got it unclogged this morning at about 10 am. Whew.

I started out just using the plunger and that was doing NOTHING! So , I got onto google and found a easy way to unclog a toilet , but it still took all night and finally got unclogged this morning.


Bring a big pot of water to a boil.

Take it to the toilet and put some dish soap into the toilet, then pour the water into the toilet. This should work the soap down into the pipes and "move" the clog.

It took me about 12 pots of water total to get it unclogged, but it did work. Even after the first pour , the water was slowly going down. Finally this morning I poured a pot of boiling water in and it made a funny noise, Little Man said it sounded like a burp, and down it went. Flushed it to make sure and now it is working great again. Like it should.

I am so glad that I got this done without hubby here and without having to call a plumber!!


Miles Togo said...

instead of soap, try ducolax or some other stool softening stuff...put in the toilet, let sit 20min to 2 hours, use a pot of hot water and plunge and away it goes..if it works on humans it'll work on a toilet.

Paige said...

Is it safe for septic tanks?

Bloggers said...

I'm not sure, Paige. I would look up to make sure if it is safe.

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