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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Start Homeschooling

Start Homeschooling - Great Education with Your Child at Homewas a free kindle book when this post was written.

If you are thinking of homeschooling, or have recently started, then this is the book you should read. After homeschooling her four children for 16 years, Tina Razzell answers all the questions people new to homeschooling ask. “How do I get started?” “What if I fail?” “What about socialization?”

With chapters on what to expect during your first year, how to keep records and how to deal with relatives who don’t agree with your homeschooling decision, the book is all you need to know to get you started or inspire you to start the homeschool journey with your own children.

There are many people today who live the homeschooling lifestyle and Tina Razzell introduces you to those who teach their own children without them attending public schools, and weaves in some experiences from her own homeschooling life.

Extracts from the book

“Homeschooling is a journey not a destination, always seek to improve what you are doing and teach with a mind that is open to new possibilities and experiences.”

“That is my ideal environment, where children learn love first and book work second.”

“Yes, my children moved dishes! No, I didn’t use expensive china, and yes, things got dropped. I reasoned that plates could always be replaced, but learning experiences are invaluable.”

Chapter Titles:

1. Homeschool – Who? - Me?
2. Homeschool as an Extension of Parenting
3. Anyone can Homeschool
4. What if I Fail at Educating Them?
5. What about Socialization?
6. Curriculum
7. How Do I Know What to Teach Them?
8. Teaching Your Child to Learn for Himself
9. Working With the Child
10. Planning Your School Year
11. Organizing Your Day
12. Organizing Your Books and Papers
13. Organizing Your Life
14. Not Being Supermom
15. Chores
16. Getting Outside Help
17. Working With the Local School
18. Making the Transition
19. What to Expect During Your First Year
20. Keeping Records and Transcripts
21. Testing
22. What Do I Do With My Preschooler?
23. Learning Styles
24. P.E.
25. A Special Word About Math
26. Support Groups and Co-ops
27. Field Trips
28. The Cost of Homeschooling
29. The Homeschool Year
30. Sickness, Jury Duty and Homeschooling
31. Mixing School With Homeschool in Your Family
32. Wanting to be Normal
33. Special Needs Children
34. What About High School? And College
35. When to Enter the Educational System
36. When Life Gets in the Way
37. Protect Yourself and Your Marriage
38. What is the Definition of Success?
39. When Relatives Don’t Agree With the Homeschooling Decision
40. Homeschool Conventions
41. The Legalities of Homeschooling
42. The Computer and Videos in Education
43. The Journey of Homeschooling
44. Home Businesses and Homeschooling
45. The Future of Homeschooling
A. Curriculum Written by Homeschoolers
B. Favorite Resources
C. DVDs to Use When Sickness Occurs
D. My Favorite Living Books

What are people saying?
- The voice of experience
- A Home School Believer
- This book is a great tool!
- I was very excited to read Tina's book
- I appreciated her honesty
- I would highly recommend this book to anyone considering the option of homeschooling
- If anyone needs someone's real life account of what works and doesn't, grab this book.
- She definitely takes a lot of the worry out of homeschooling!
- Clearly, she's passionate about homeschooling
- I got a few great tips about chores and routines
- The list of resources in the appendix is as valuable as the content of the ebook
- Chock full of practical advice and wisdom
- I am very glad I read this book
- Definitely worth the time and money.


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