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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Get Your Teeth Fixed Before SHTF!

I have been dealing with a broken tooth for years and broke a second tooth a while back on some easter candy. Horrible pain. Had no insurance until last summer for some reason we had dental so I went in and couldn't have any dental work done because of my heart murmur and Mitral Valve Prolapse. Without any health insurance no doctor in our small town would even think of seeing me until I paid for it all , test, etc up front. Couldn't be done. I suffered for months with toothaches that no amount of oragel or tylenol would help. I was at my wits end. Nothing was getting done at home because I could barely get off the couch. No sleep! No food. FINALLY first of the year , my hubby gets health insurance. I was into a doctor the day after I got the card and The past Monday I had the 2 teeth pulled. I feel so much better. I was so full of infection that I was so sick from it. Now I am actually up and moving. Been up since 5 am doing much needed housework.

 Make sure that you take care of your teeth. The pain can lay you out for a while. Don't put it off! What if there was a disaster or something that kept you from being able to get to a dentist. Don't take any chances - get the work done ASAP and if you can't get to the dentist make sure you have some good books on hand , like Where There Is No Dentist! I seriously thought that I was going to die. That is how much pain I was in. The no sleep was getting to me. My hubby said my eyes looked wild! Yeah pain will do that to you.


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