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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Camping Recipes: 97 Easy To Make Meals, Tips & Handy Ideas For Use In The Great Outdoors (

Camping Recipes: 97 Easy To Make Meals, Tips & Handy Ideas For Use In The Great Outdoors was a free book when this post was written.
Are You Looking For Easy Outdoor Recipes? These quick and simple meals will leave your family impressed. Not only are there entrees, but side dishes and desserts as well. Youcan prepare many of the same things over a campfire as at home with some good planning andthe right equipment. A Dutch Oven and large skillet are the 2 primary modes of cooking here and with a good fire, meals can be prepared in less than an hour in many cases. Outdoor Cooking Is Too Hard Right? Wrong,unless you are not asportsman of any type, this should be right up your alley. You can make pizza, short ribs, stuffed potatoes and many more items.

Just check out the Table of Contents Below:
All Purpose Baking Mix 9
Homemade Box Oven 10
All Purpose Seasoning Mix 11
Biscuit And Pancake Mix 12
Main Dishes 13
Easy Hamburger Stew 13
Hearty Grilled Fish 14
Baked Stuffed Fish 15
Blackened Fish 16
Buckwheat Pecan Pancakes 17
Baked Burger Casserole 18
Camp Chili 19 Camp Style Hash 20 Campfire Pasta with Meat Sauce 21 Campfire Stew 22 Buckwheat Pancakes 23 Camping Sausage 24 Easy CampingStew 25 Hobo Pie 26 Pepperoni Pizza 27 Succulent Hash 28 Pork And Beans 29 Campfire Goulash 30 Mozarella Chicken Rolls 31 Chicken Campfire Style 32 Coffee Can Stew 33 Camper’s Corned Beef & Cabbage 34 Campfire Trout 35 Easy Stroganoff 36 Peek-A-Boo Egg 37 Flank Steak Teriyaki 38 Foil Dinner 39 Easy Foil Burgers 40 Chicken Foil Style 41 Grilled Sausage & Sweet Mustard In Tortillas 42 Honey Mustard Grilled Chicken 43 Hot Dog Surprise 44 Camper’s Meat Loaf 45 Big Man Breakfast 46 One Skillet Breakfast 47 Onion Swiss Steak 48 Pizza Baby 49 Pizza 50 Polish Sausage & Cabbage 51 Short Ribs 52 Beef & Berry Stew 53 Beef Kabobs 54 Spaghetti 55 Sticky Beef Ribs 56 Texas Steak with Grilled Onions 57 Venison Goulash 58 Creamed Chipped Beef 59 Side Dishes 60 Aunt Sarah's Chili Sauce 60 Buttermilk Biscuits 61 Au Gratin Potatoes 62 Campers Potatoes 63 Baked Potatoes 64 Camping Biscuits 65 Campground Coffee 66 Cheesy Fondue 67 Fried Rice 68 WildDandelion Salad 69 Dutch Oven Biscuits 70 Great Outdoors Potatoes 71 Irish Soda Bread 72 Mexican Coffee 73 Nasturtium Tea Sandwiches 74 RoughingIt Dumplings 75 Potatoes & Onions 76 Roasted Corn 77 Russian Tea #2 78 Fun Twisters 79 Desserts Beverages & Treats 80 Baked Bananas 80 Quick Peach Cobbler 81 Trail Mix 82 Camp Cobbler 83 Campfire Cookies 84 Cinnamon Coffeecake 85 Cherry Fudge Candy Brownies 86 Cinnamon Flavored Apples 87 Skillet Cookies 88 Peanut Butter Surprise Balls 89 Grilled Orange Egg Custard 90 Graham Cracker Crunch 91 Hobo Popcorn 92 Homemade Granola 93 Honey Granola Bars 94 Hot Cocoa 95 Kids Trail Mix 96 Quick & Easy Cobbler 97 No Bake Special K Candies 98 Peach Cobbler 99 Dutch Funnel Cakes 100 Power Bars 101 Pumpkin Indian Cakes 102 Rice Krispie Squares 103 S'mores 104 Beef Jerky Trail Mix 105 Bonus Section I 106 Backpacking Simple Food Ideas 106 Bonus Section II107 Camping Ideas – Easy Recipes 107 Campfire Recipes 2 108 Campfire Recipes 3 109 Campfire Recipes 4 110 There is even a couple of bonus sections packed with different recipes and tips that you can use to better plan your outdoor adventure. You can check it out here: Hit the Buy Button Now!


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