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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Build a Brilliant Bug Out Bag and Beyond!: Essential prepper's kit to keep your family alive after a disaster

Build a Brilliant Bug Out Bag and Beyond!: Essential prepper's kit to keep your family alive after a disaster was a free kindle book when this post was written.

Getting started with the concept of prepping can be a case of information overload. There is so much to think about and so much to do and purchase that people often give up on the idea before they even start.

This book is especially for those people, it tells them all about the first item any prepper should have ready – a bug out bag. It explains what bugging out means and why they should have a bug out bag with survival kit for 72 hours ready to go.

The step by step approach means that it is easy to follow, meaning everyone can have a quality bug out gear prepared for when a disaster strikes. It tells you exactly what is in a bug out bag and gives you a list of bug out kit that you will need. None, of this bug out gear is expensive which means that everyone can actually have a bug out bag ready to go when disaster strikes.

The book explains why each and every member of your family needs to have their own bug out bag and what that bag must contain. When disaster does strike, it is indiscriminate. It will hit everyone. I will be left to you to ensure that you can keep your family alive until help arrives. This book will help you do just that.

The book covers essential information such as :

• The time to bug out
• Where you bug out to
• How to choose a bug out bag
• Other essential bugging out kit
• What items to pack and what to leave behind
• Water
• Food
• Medical Supplies
• Personal Items
• Education
• How to use technology to help
• How to make use of caches to make your survival easier and more comfortable.
The book comes complete with a bug out checklist at the end of each section so you can be ensured that you have all the kit assembled.

The book also tells you the answers to some key questions:

• How much water should you pack – the official guidelines are never enough
• Why everyone should have certain essential bug out kit items
• Where your safe location should be
• What additional survival education you should consider
• What foods you should eat
• How to use a cache to its best potential

This is short one hour book that gives you all the essential information that you need about bug out bags, it isn’t padded out with unnecessary waffle.


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