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Friday, December 27, 2013

List Of Items To Go Into A 72 Hour Kit

Surviving has always been the concern of almost every person who has braved every natural disasters and calamities with the help of a 72 hr emergency kit. It is undeniable that people are no match for what nature can bring upon him. With every hurricane, tornado, flood, earthquake, pandemic, power outage and severe winter storm, people have witnessed how defenseless they can be when nature unleashes its wrath. People don't even have the tool or equipment that can accurately detect every happening of these natural disasters.

Going through all the challenges that you would have to go through, not to mention staying alive, from all the possible natural disasters that might strike you and your family will not be very easy. Being able to do something about the disasters-like stopping it from happening - is always considered a futile attempt that people will not find any victory over them. But this should not give people the reason to just suck it in and succumb into the effects of what Mother Nature has to give.

Even if natural calamities and disasters have already claimed millions of lives and plowed through every place or country it finds in their paths, people have shown the ability to survive. With the help of some determination to continue living and some 72 hour packs for survival, people can have better chances of surviving different disasters of nature.

72 hour emergency survival kits are there for people to easily and quickly grab when disasters like earthquakes and tornadoes would hit them. Having a 72 hour survival kit or what other people would call as bug out bag or grab-and-run packs, contains the essential items for a person to survive in at least 3 days. People, who were able to bring with them their survival kits during emergencies while waiting for the rescue and medical teams, had better chances of surviving the calamities.

There are people who have dismissed the importance of 72 hour survival pack and would not want to go through all the trouble of getting one. They may not be aware that the need may have not come for them to have a use of the kit but it is always better to be prepared than be sorry later. Based on the reactions and experiences that people would have during emergencies like fires, typhoons, and earthquake, people would panic and just grabs almost anything that is readily available and nearby. Most of the time, the things people could grab are not the things they would need to survive.

People who know better prepare for these unexpected disasters with an army survival kit or any survival pack they can buy in stores. Those who find those survival kits on sale not unaffordable would just create or prepare their very own survival kits.

What You Need To Have in A 72 Hr Emergency Kit

If you are not like other people who would buys their survival kits in stores or online, you can make a list of essential things that you must have in your grab-and-run kit. Once you have your pen and paper ready, go and browse through the many sites and articles that you can find online which talks about survival during calamities and disasters. Most of these sites will give you pointers on how you can prepare your own survival kits and what should not be missing in the package.

You can find here some of the very important items that you should have in a 72 hour survival kit.

1. Food is important for survival. You don't have to put in the backpack every food you can think of just so you have plenty. Be smart in choosing the right types of food. It is ideal to have canned foods in your survival kit instead of foods that easily spoil.

2. Water is another basic need that you should not go without. You may choose to bring water purifiers too to be able to use whatever water source you will have during the disaster.

3. Don't forget to put some clothes in your kit. Pick some clothes that are comfortable and can allow you to move freely.

4. Bring a flashlight. Headlamps are actually more recommended since it will allow you to move your hands freely.

5. Have a map and whistle with you. When you are already weak and not able to scream for help, a whistle might come in handy for you.

6. If what you are preparing is an apocalypse survival kit then make sure to bring with you multipurpose tools or knives. You can also include a handy axe just in case the need arises.

There are many types of survival kits that you can prepare yourself to have or just purchase from stores. What matters is you will be safe and have better chance of survival with your 72 hr emergency kit.

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