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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas Gift Idea - Homemade Wooden Bead & Maze Toy

Little Ones love these so much. My Little Man still has his Wooden Bead & Wire Maze Roller Coaster that he got when he was about 2! He will not let me get rid of it for nothing. You can make one for a toddler that you know for very little money and very easy.

Use A piece of hardwood for the base. It can be any shape you want to make it. Drill 6 holes into the bottom of it that are the same size as your heavy gauge wire. The wire needs to have one end put into one side and secured on the bottom. Put some brightly colored wooden beads onto it and then twist it around , like a roller coaster or maze. Put it through one of the holes on the other side and secure it on the bottom. Repeat this with 2 more wires. Make it fun and twisty. Use bright colored wooden beads. Which come in all kind of styles! They even have some that are painted with the ABC's. Maybe put the child's name. That would be neat. A personalized, homemade gift. Something that will be loved.


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