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Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Healthy Prepper

The Healthy Prepper - A Resource Guide For Healthy Preparedness For You AND Your Pets! was a free book when this post was written.

The Healthy Prepper book reveals the preparedness secrets for thriving instead of just surviving and how you and your pets can be prepared for any situation in a healthy way. Information in this book is not like anything you’ve heard before in ANY prepper book!

In This Book You'll Discover:

* The #1 all natural item you should have in your preparedness kit that will knock out ANY virus - often in 24 hours or less!

* The absolute worse food to stock up on that most preppers buy a lot of.

* 2 little known and very unique methods that will make harmful insects want to stay far away from your survival garden while at the same time increasing the vigor, health and yield of your crops.

* How to create clean, pure, sparkling water out of thin air.

* What all natural items you should always include in your pet’s emergency preparedness kit.

And much, much more!

Also this book is meant to be a resource guide and not just an informative read. So many people only write about a topic and leave you scratching your head trying to figure out where to find what they are talking about. And if the product or resource written about isn't on the first 10 pages or so of Google then good luck finding it. This book is different. Links are provided in the book to most everything written about saving you lots of your precious time trying to locate many unique items you may have never even heard of. This is a true resource guide.

Be a Surthrivalist. Buy your copy now! 


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