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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Food Storage ... Learn Something New Everyday

The last 3 months has been so awfully hard. Hubby switching jobs and that not working out like planned. Very little money coming in and no more savings. Have been living off food storage the last 3 months. Getting low. I figured wrong. Thought I had saved us up about 6 months worth, but with eating like we are used too and not cutting back, it isn't going to last that long. We should've been rationing it better. It is hard with kids though. Every time they say they are hungry or want snacks, etc, I give it to them. We have learned a lot during this time. Soon will be rebuilding food storage. Rebuild it again and better! One thing that we have learned with this, is that if you just eat like it was normal times and new food coming in, which it isn't , you go though all of the variety quick and then are left with the boring food. Like rice, oatmeal, beans....More variety is needed. More bakng supplies. More canned meats.

You live and learn!


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