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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Traps For Survival - Setting, Baiting and Running a Trap Line

Traps For Survival - Setting, Baiting and Running a Trap Line was a free Kindle book when this post was written!! It is a huge one!!!

From the book description:

This book details constructing, setting, baiting traps and all the finer details of what to do with your catch as well as a solid primer on basics of backwoods day to day skills. Easy to grasp and illustrated on the finer points of woodsman ship this is a great reference manual to throw in the go bag or stash in the cabin. Here is the information that never goes out of date and can keep you warm dry and fed if you put it into practice…. Inside you’ll find…
• Instruction on crafting cabins and make shift shelters
• How to build boats and canoes
• Food preparation and making utensils
• How to construct dead falls
• Building gun traps of various types
• Archery traps and selecting the best materials for their construction
• Downfall traps
• Bear traps
• Pitfalls/tiger traps
• Net traps for catching flying prey
• Snares and how to find martials in the field to construct them
• How to cover your own scent so that your trap will not be detected by wildlife
• Setting live capture traps
• Selecting fishing spears
• Skinning and tanning techniques plus hide stretching
• Infield natural bug repellants
• Fire starting
• And much, much more….


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