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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Homeschool Minute - Homemade Water & Landform Tiles

I had seen these water and landform tiles in a catalog and online, but just couldn't bring myself to pay as much as $$40.00 for the set. Like these Sandpaper Land and Water Form Cards. I thought about it for a week, thinking of ways to make some. First, I thought of going to hardware store and getting actual tiles and painting them etc. But, even that would cost too much for us. Thought some more. Was at Dollar Tree and it came to me...get some foam poster board, sandpaper, and poster paint.  Total cost was $5.00!!!!!

Frugal homeschooling!

I first cut the foam board into 10x10 squares getting 6 squares out of each foam board. I had printed some water and landform cards from pinterest, either Montessori Now or another one, and used that as idea of how to cut the sandpaper. Sandpaper being the land. Glued it on the tile, then painted the water with the blue paint. I left room at the bottom for writing what it is, like gulf, island, etc.

Great learning tool that didn't cost an arm and a leg. Little Man loves them. Has been looking, learning, and playing with them all day. Even got his small boats out to push them around in the "water".


Racheous - Loveable Learning said...

What a simple, effective DIY idea! Thanks for sharing :)

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