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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Have Personal Cleaning items On Hand.

I was sent some items that I really think would be great for anyone to have on hand. I used them all for a few days and now want to share how I feel about them. The first thing I tried was cleansing foam by Medline. I really loved how it cleaned and left my hands feeling soft. That is a plus this time of year. Most soaps that I use leave my hands feeling very dry. This didn't. 

The Medline nourishing moisturizer is also another item that I would recommend to anyone.Now greasy feel and it is made with natural emollients. It left my skin feeling super soft. My Little Man kept asking to feel my hands after I used this. I used it on his back after he took his bath and he didn't complain about itching at all. He gets really super dry skin all fall and winter. I have tried everything. This really helped him a lot. The not having a yucky residue was another plus when using it on him.

I used the Medline hydrating moisturizer on myself and I was really surprised how something that light feeling could really make the dryness go away. I love it. I used it on my face and neck and it had no greasy, heavy residue. All natural ingredients! This is one that I will continue to use.

The last item that I tried out was the Medline flushable wipes. These can come in handy for any time. Great for when need to feel that extra clean and they are flushable. The fibers break down quickly when flushed, yet are still strong in use. Wipes are premoistened with rinsefree formula that cleans, moisturizes and soothes the skin. Formula is pH balanced, hypoallergenic and alcohol free.

 I get a lot of my office supplies at Shoplet and they have a lot of  office stationary and promotional products including promotional shirts. They also have a lot of other useful items that you can get for the home. Like the Medline items that I was able to review.


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