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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

DIY Water Filter

To ensure that you have clean water , that is free of sediments, vegetation, etc, you have to have a good water filter. You will still have to boil to kill the germs, bacteria, etc. This is great for if you have a stream close by or some other water supply.

You can make one very easily. You need 2 clay flower pots. You will be setting them one above the other one. In the bottom of the upper pot you want to place a large sponge. A clean new one. Stuff the sponge into the bottom tightly so that no water can get by it.  You will also put one in the bottom of the lower pot. But the bottom pot also has layers of other filtering material , 1 layer of smooth pebbles, coarse sand, and then a top layer of pounded charcoal about 4 inches thick. On top place one more layer of smooth pebbles. This prevents the charcoal from getting all stirred around from the water dripping down from the upper pot.

The upper pot should be the largest and if the lower one is strong it should be able to set on it just fine. You could add two strips of wood as support. Put the two pots on a stool with a hole drilled in the bottom that is lined up with the hole in the bottom pot so that the water can drip down into a clean jug for using the water. The sponge in the upper pot acts to stop the worst of the impurities and should be replaced frequently. Very frequently. The lower pot should be fine to only be replaced about once a year. Only a bit of attention , with changing sponge in top pot once or twice a month and this should last you and with little care.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your article! I find any information about how to do anything myself quite helpful. We can all improve in one way or another. Some people (perhaps the people who wrote the comments above), can improve their manners. I have read dozen of articles and I will continue to read and it is nice when someone comes up with an idea I can try. Even though there are a 1000 articles on the internet, I happened upon yours and appreciate the information. Thanks!

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