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Thursday, August 1, 2013

3 Steps to Grow a Survival Garden, the Creative and Affordable Way

A survival garden is much more than an emergency preparedness tool. It’s an affordable way to put healthy, organic foods on your family’s table every day. Gardening is a stress-free way to close the gap between your food needs and your food budget. Use these three simple steps to get your survival garden up and growing strong.

How to Grow a Survival Garden

  1. Choose Your Spot – Pick an area nowhere near a septic system. The area needs to get a nice amount of open sunlight during the daytime.
  2. Prepare the Ground – Use a pick to break the ground up well, as well as any dirt clods. Using a rake, remove any rocks and roots of your lawn’s grass. If you’ve been using chemicals, you should remove the dirt and replace it with organic topsoil. Make sure any manure you use has been composited to avoid burning new growth.
  3. Choose Your Greenery – The varieties you choose should be able to survive throughout most of the seasons of the year. Here are a few tips for choosing survival seeds and plants for your survival garden:
    1. Plant lettuce during early spring. Reddish lettuce varieties have a greater resistance for cold weather.
    2. There are some types of peas that also tolerate cold weather well.
    3. Mustard greens, kale and other greens are a must. Just a couple rows can feed your family several meals each day.
    4. Beans are also a must. They’re extremely filling and packed with nutrients. They are great for all purposes, simply because they can be frozen for later.
    5. During the fall season, cabbage, broccoli and other cold tolerant veggies can be grown, in certain areas.
    6. Potatoes are another must-have for your survival garden. They’re easy to grow, and provide your family with a filling starch food perfect as an addition to any meal.
    7. Planting corn and some other staple crops serves two purposes. Each of these foods can be prepared in multiple ways, giving you variety during hard times. They also provide shade for your more tender crops, such as beans and squash.
    8. Tomatoes, both regular and cherries, are one of the most productive plants for any survival garden. Beefsteak is one variety of tomatoes that bears an abundance of fruit. Tomatoes are also one of the most trouble-free plants to grow, making them great for survival gardens.
    9. Add a variety of other veggies, such as cucumbers, parsley and carrots. These items will help to keep your salads interesting when roughing-it.
    10. Don’t forget about spices for seasoning and/or pickling your foods. Some popular ones include basil, cilantro and dill weed, which can be used daily for your everyday cooking.
Always keep variety in mind. It’ll be very important to you when you’re surviving on food storage and other survival foods. Survival gardens provide your family with healthy, organic fruits, vegetables and herbs to sustain any disaster.
Interested in taking the organic approach to grow your survival garden? The best way to ensure that your family’s eating organic produce is to grow it yourself. With Daily Bread Survival Seeds, you’re always prepared for long-term emergencies.

Note to Editor: is a direct link to the “Daily Bread Survival Seeds” in the link. It should go directly to survival seeds, not the home page.


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