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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Bug Out Bag Practical Guide (Through a Prepper Fiction Survivalist Story): An L.A. Asteroid Impact

When I wrote this post , Bug Out Bag Practical Guide (Through a Prepper Fiction Survivalist Story): An L.A. Asteroid Impact, was a free Kindle book. This is a fictional love and adventure short story about a married couple named Jake and Tina. Tina gets (what she thinks is) the surprise of her life when the pregnancy test she just took turns out to be positive. Thrilled and a little scared, she starts to formulate how she might tell her husband the news – would he be happy about it?

But before she even gets a chance to tell him, they are flabbergasted at a television news bulletin that a previously undetected asteroid is within a half hour of impacting somewhere near their home in Southern California.

With absolutely no time to waste - and no time for Tina to tell Jake her news - they grab their Bug Out Bag, get into their SUV, and high-tail it the hell out of there, even while neighbors are still frantically trying to pack up a few essentials into their cars. Tina wonders while driving passed them if her neighbors will get out in time, and thanking God that Jake had their own bug out survival bag (which he actually prepared in the event of an earthquake) was always on the ready.

But Tina and Jake are far from getting away safely themselves. Fragments of the asteroid strike all around the Los Angeles area, and while they themselves are not hit directly, the freeway system becomes a huge free-for-all as millions of panicked drivers hit the roads trying to get the hell out of dodge – but quickly get nowhere because of the clogged roads. Dust, smoke, fire and devastation blind and choke the area from the thunderous impacts of the fiery rain of asteroid fragments.

Read on to find out what happens, how their Bug Out Bag is their only friend, and see whether Tina ever gets the chance to tell her husband about their unborn child!


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