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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Frugal Organizing - Kid's Room

I have been using rubber made totes in my Little Man's room for all of his toys, but I always noticed that he never really got down into the box and was having trouble finding certain toys. The totes were really just too deep. So I went to the local grocery store and got about 15 good boxes. None used for meat!! They were FREE!! I then went to Dollar Tree and got 3 rolls of this cute wrapping paper to cover them with. Cute and only cost me $3.00 for everything that I needed. Next - We had to get to work.

So we dumped out the 4 rubber made totes! Little Man had fun with that. I ended up doing all of the sorting - he had too much fun playing with toys "that he hadn't seen in a million years!". Took me a while, but I eventually got everything sorted and only used 6 boxes. Now he has a box for each thing that he plays with the most - anything else was left in the rubber made totes and put out in the shed. So now he has a box for his : Army men





Anything Else

His room has never been this clean. Now when he gets done with the toys that he is playing with it much easier for him to pick them up. He actually is having fun making sure that everything gets put in the right box.

This could easily be done for any room of the house. Being organized doesn't have to cost a fortune. Get some free boxes and wrapping paper and that is it. 


Christine @ Why We Love Green said...

Very cool! I have noticed that our big tote bins are too deep as well. I'll have to try this. thanks!

Bloggers said...

Your Welcome!

I forgot to mention in the post that I got the boxes from Savalot - they usually don't break down their boxes at mine. Makes it easier.

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