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Monday, April 8, 2013

Seed Safe

I have finally found the perfect solution to your food storage and emergency supply needs! Do you find yourself facing any of the following problems?

• Trying to become prepared for emergencies but not knowing how much food, water, or storage space you'll need.

 • Getting frustrated with the lack of information about all the options you have when it comes to food storage.

 • Having enough food for your family, but not having enough space to store it in.

• Worrying about your food storage rotting or going bad without you noticing until it's too late.

 • Feeling skeptical about whether your government (local or federal) will really be able to help you when the system collapses. SEEDSAFE Are you asking any of these questions?

• How can I prepare for an emergency without breaking my budget?

• Is there a way for me to provide for each member of my family's specific tastes and nutritional needs?

 • Can I simplify and streamline my emergency preparations down to just one or two steps?

• Will any business out there just be honest with me about what products I'm getting and exactly what that will do for me?

 • How will I take care of my family when more conventional means—like grocery stores or even governmental assistance—are not an option? If so, click here for the ultimate solution for how to take care of your family—before you run out of time!

The Ready Garden is meant to be a failsafe in a disaster or economic crisis. It's for those times when food is scarce or money is tight, or if you just want to learn how to be more self-reliant and live more organically. The Ready Garden contains a full acre’s worth of open-pollinated, non-GMO heirloom seeds that can be grown naturally. Open-pollination means that these seeds, unlike the hybrid seeds that most retailers sell, aren’t sterile—you can harvest seeds from your crops and use them over and over again. So you aren’t just buying enough heirloom seeds to fill an acre for one year—you’re buying a garden that will last beyond your lifetime.  SEEDSAFE

Starting a survival garden will not only save you money in the long run, but would also be very important if there was a disaster in which the stores ran out of food. Eating healthy is all the rage these days. In grocery stores you will see the regular fruits and vegetables then you have the organic ones. I feel that the only way to really know what is truly organic or not is if you plant the food or kill the animal yourself. So, starting a survival garden with heirloom seeds is the best way to really know what fruits and vegetables you are getting, while also having a renewable and reliable food source.

About Heirloom Seeds

The next question to answer is: what are heirloom seeds? Heirloom seeds, also called heritage seeds, are seeds that are generally 50 years old and older. These heirloom seeds are valuable for a few different reasons. One reason is that the vegetables taste much better than what you buy at the store. Also, there is a much larger selection of vegetables and fruits than what can be found at the grocery store and, the reason that they are popular among preppers or survivalists, they produce seeds that can be harvested and used in the next planting season.

If you are going to start a survival garden able enough to produce vegetables and fruits long after a disaster, you will want a garden that produces a variety of delicious produce. At the grocery store, the variety of produce you will find is quite small. Usually you will only find 1 type of each vegetable which really limit the flavors you will get. The selection of heirloom seeds for your survival garden is almost ridiculous. You can normally find 30 - 50 different types of each vegetable and fruit. If you don't like orange carrots, you can try a white or yellow carrot. Having a variety is always great, but even more so when a disaster strikes and no food is left in the grocery store.

The produce that comes from your survival garden will also taste better than what you normally buy. The produce will probably not look the same and can even have a different shape than what you may think of for a certain vegetable. The flavor can also be somewhat different, but will give you different flavors to keep you from getting bored with what you grow.

The most important aspect of your survival garden is that it should be sustainable. The standard seed packets you can buy are hybrid seeds. Hybrid seeds have been genetically modified to provide much larger harvests that look more uniform and can produce larger vegetables. The down side to these seeds is that most of the harvest does not produce more seeds, and/or the seeds will not produce vegetables if planted. An heirloom seed may not produce the largest harvest, but they are more valuable than a hybrid harvest as the seeds can be saved the next year to replant your crop.

As you can see, with a survival garden, heirloom seeds would be mandatory if you plan to have crops every single year. Heirloom seeds can really lead to self-sufficiency and can even lead to profit by selling some of your harvest and/or the seeds. When there is a disaster, and the main source of commerce is the barter system, your survival garden may save your life and allow you to stock up on supplies. The price of heirloom seeds may be a little higher than standard seeds, but the benefits are so great that there is no reason these seeds should not be added to your survival stockpile.



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