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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Keeping Warm and Hidden?

We were talking the other day about how we would stay warm in the winter in a SHTF situation. I was saying that we would do better with a wood burning stove, but hubby brought up a great thought - IF we have a wood burning stove going there would be smoke coming out of our house BROADCASTING to anyone that we have heat and most likely food etc! So then we got on the idea of a good kerosene heater , which I really don't like just because of having to have fuel for it. But he said we could use it and put some of that Santa Snow Frost (for Glass/Mirror surfaces) on all of our windows so anyone walking by would think that the house had no heat. What a crazy idea. I wonder if it would actually work. It would look like the windows are all frosted up and cold. Anyone walking by would think the house was empty, maybe. Is there any other type of heat that can be used that does not use so much fuel and not broadcast to everyone that we have heat??

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