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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Did Not Go As Planned (Reorganizing)

Well, we wanted to reorganize the stockpile room. So Saturday night we got everything out of the room. Piling it all in the living room, kitchen, and hallway. Then hubby starts griping that it is not all stored like he had wanted it to be. Which, I said was why we had it all out , so that we could get it organized like we wanted it. But, I ended up taking it all back into the stockpile room. LOL

BUT, We have got plans for most of it. I am going to buy some more totes and label them for :Pasta, Rice, Beans, Flour, ETC. We also realized that we don't have a lot of canned meat items. I go through it so fast. So now I need to double up on stuff like that. Our stockpile gets used , but added to all of the time. So all of the dates were good. That was a good thing. We do need a lot more medical items and things like that. We also are going to try and get some extra money so that we can invest in a good water filtration system. We get Culligan delivered right now, but we want to get out of that. Sometimes they don't come when we need it and I end up having to buy bottled water from grocery. I hate doing that. Getting too expensive. But we have to have good water - our city water is awful here. Can't even drink it. Smells so bad and EPA has been here so many times. So, much safer to have water brought in. But we need some kind of water filter that gets EVERYTHING out.

All in all our stockpile is pretty good. Not sure how it would score, but for us it is all right. Just add to it like I have been, double up on canned meats, and get a good water filtration system and it will be all set.

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