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Sunday, September 16, 2012

What Will You Miss Most After SHTF??

I always try to have in the back of my mind "what will we miss after anything happens?". That way I will try to plan for that and then when something does happen we will be more comfortable. I seriously think that the one thing that I will miss the most will be ready heat and air conditioning. I have fibromyalgia , so I can't take drastic temperatures very well. The running water will be missed. So try to plan for a way now that you will have plenty of clean water. Make a solar shower so everyone can stay clean and feel "normal". I will miss being able to run to the store to grab something little that I need. So , I am trying to stockpile the little stuff that is needed. Stuff that you run out of quickly because it is used a lot. You know what I mean, like razors, batteries, toilet paper(I have been making a huge stockpile of cloth for this!), etc. Another thing that a lot of people will go crazy over not having will be no cell phones, TV, or internet! A lot of people will go so crazy that we will actually think that a zombie apocalypse is happening! LOL

Actually, we will all probably become more healthy after SHTF, if we make it through the worst part. We will have to walk every where and that will make us in better shape. We will have to garden so our food will be better. No more trips to a fast food place to grab something that most likely isn't even food. We will be doing more by hand. Cooking will all be done by scratch! No more nasty preservatives and Lord knows what else is put into the food on the grocery store shelves. We stopped eating out a few years ago so we won't miss that part, but sometimes when we are all busy , I do order a pizza! :( My Little Man will miss that a lot. He loves when we have pizza night!

We will read more books and play more games after SHTF! We will forage and think more about what can be done and how to do it. Using our brains more. Thinking for ourselves instead of running to the internet to find the answer. Eating healthier and homemade food. Gardening , fishing, hunting, walking, etc. There are a few things that will be missed, but other than those few things , it won't be too bad. We will be closer to our family and friends, sharing more. Learning how to do stuff for ourselves. I think that it might not be too bad. I am so jealous of others who have already decided to go totally off-the-grid! I want to live like that now. Not dependent on anyone or anything. That is the perfect life. Depend on God and nothing else. Most people have lost sight of God today , I think, and most likely because of all of the technology that we "depend" on. It does everything for us. Even thinks for us, tells us where to go and when, how to do anything, etc. We need to get back to living with no computers etc. Living for something. Living for ourselves. Sorry for the rambling. I get to thinking about stuff like this and it kind of makes me mad that we have let technology take over our lives and don't focus on the most important thing- GOD! So, yeah , I might miss a few things after SHTF , but not for long! We will all be better after a while. Our brains will kick in and remember what it felt like to not have a damn computer or GPS telling it what to think, do, or where to go and we will all be smarter for it!!!


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Anonymous said...

electricity and gasoline said hubby. i will miss family and friends who live a ways away and ceiling fans

Tim Guerrini said...

1. Hot shower on demand.
2. Toilet paper.
3. Internet
4. Air conditioning.
5. Taking my wife to our favorite restaurant every Friday.

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