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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Homeschoolers Need Calenders and Planners!

The number one thing that I have learned since homeschooling is that you have got to have a good calender and an even better day planner. I think that I have found some that are awesome and will fit my needs perfectly. I can get them where I get all of my other Office Supplies so that makes it convenient.

The most important thing I needed was a Planner that had lots of room and was sturdy enough to last with all of the times that I will be using it. I found the House of Doolittle Wirebound Weekly/ Monthly Planner and it is perfect for all of my needs. It has room enough on each day for me to write everything that I will be doing! This is perfect for day planning and lesson planning. I love the way the planner looks and it feels right in my hands when I am using it. It has a whole 2 pages per week!! It is wire-bound , which makes it lay down nice when I have it open on my desk. The cover of it is simulated leather and seems very strong. I don't think that it will tear any time soon. I will be taking this with me a lot when I go places and keeping it in my bag and it seems like it will be tough enough for the job that I need it for. This is perfect for my needs and I have plenty of room to plan out the whole school year. It is also Recycled.

I also wanted a desk calender for at home and for writing quick notes on and it is right here where I need it - ON MY DESK! I got this House of Doolittle Two-Color Monthly Desk Pad Calendar w/ Large Notes Section ! Another great Recycled product from them that actually fits my needs. Tons of room on each day for me to write things that need done. Sturdy paper and strong border. Fits right on my desk and is right where I need it. It is a full year and has a whole month on each page. I have never had a desk calender before and didn't think that it would work for me, but this has proven me wrong. It does work and I love it.

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