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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Where To Put Your Food Storage

When people decide to begin a food storage program in order to be prepared for emergencies, they may find that actually finding a place to store the food can be problematic. Some people are fortunate to have extra storage space in basement storage areas or spare rooms. It may take some rearranging and planning to facilitate a food storage program.

Some of the places where people store food are:

• Basement storage rooms (which are ideal if available)
• Garage cabinets (which are good but not too great in extremely hot weather)
• Shelves built for the purpose in any spare area of the house
• Cabinets in a spare or little used room
• Pantries (which are used for regular usage items and may not be large enough)
• Closets (which are workable when extra closets are available)
• Plastic storage bins under the beds
• Round barrels covered with a cloth and used as an end table
• Any unused space which is available

If extra space such as basement storage or a spare room are not available in the living quarters, it may require some inventiveness to find a place to keep the stored food intended for emergency use. People living in small apartments are able to find places for food storage if the incentive is there. Some of the more unusual places mentioned above can be fit into regular living areas if necessary.

It is also wise to rotate the food storage which means having it accessible enough to get to once in a while. Some experts in the business suggest using the products once a week so that the family will become used to eating the food. Since much of the food may be dehydrated or freeze-dried with processes which enable longer periods of storage than normal readily consumable food, the taste may be different. If the family is used to eating the food, they should have no problems using it if a serious need arises. The foods prepared are generally tasty and nutritious, but sometimes children need to get accustomed to eating them to enjoy them.

When people want to start a food storage program in order to feel more secure and ready for emergencies, finding space is likely the least of their problems. Finding a program to start with food storage is easy these days with companies offering special plans for any budget. Getting involved before an emergency strikes is sound advice. A monthly plan which includes adding some items on a regular basis makes it easy. There are even companies with a home business component for people who want to get going with food storage and earn some money along the way.

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