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Monday, August 27, 2012

Top 10 Emergency Preparedness For an Earthquake (guest post)

An earthquake can strike any time and better preparedness for an earthquake can ensure your safety and your family's safety. During an earthquake, one can feel vibration of the ground, noise which progressively grows louder, swaying sensation etc. Most injuries and deaths from earthquake are due to falling objects and debris, especially near the entry and exit points. Knowing how an earthquake can affect you and planning to deal with it beforehand can greatly reduce the chances of injury and death.

Emergency preparedness for an earthquake involves discussing with your family about steps to take when an earthquake occurs. When people are filled with panic and fear during an earthquake, they tend to act in an improper way. Planning to deal with an earthquake before it occurs can enable your family to act in the best possible way when the earthquake strikes.

Top 10 Emergency Preparedness For an Earthquake:

Here are the top 10 emergency preparedness tips for an earthquake:

Know the safe spots in your home: Safe spots are those places where there is a minimal chance of an object and debris falling from above. Some examples of safe spots are hallways, archways, room corners, spots under heavy tables, desks etc.

Practice Safety Drills With Your Family: Safety drills are the actions one has to take during an earthquake. Some of the safety drills you can practice with your family are - getting under heavy table or desk; covering one's face with arms; staying clear of places where objects can fall; standing or crouching in safe spots, corners, and strongly supported doorways.

Evacuation Plans: An evacuation plan enables your family to escape during the first signs of emergency. You can discuss and come up with a sketch of an evacuation plan for your house. You can also include a second evacuation plan.

Repair: Leaky gas connections, improper electrical wiring and defective utility services can be hazardous during emergency. So, make sure you repair such problems in your home by seeking professional help.

Anchor the appliances, fixtures: Anchor the appliances such as refrigerator, gas equipment, furnace, water heater etc. firmly to the wall. Overhead lightning fixtures should also be anchored. This will minimize the falling of objects during an earthquake.

Put Heavy Objects in Lower shelves: Heavy objects, breakables such as china, glass etc. should be placed in lower shelves. This will prevent them from falling and causing injuries during an earthquake.

Make a list of important information: Write down important such as important telephone numbers, vehicle numbers, medications list, bank account numbers etc. and put them in a secure place.

Make a priority List: Make a priority list which details the actions to be done when an earthquake strikes. Your list can include important things to carry such as food, utilities etc., turning off utilities, locking doors, using fire extinguisher etc.

Store Important Documents: Store important documents such as insurance policies, education certificates, birth certificates, wills etc. in a fire-proof safe.

Ensure your home has stable foundation: Make sure your home has a strong foundation. Also take up any repairs if necessary.

Emergency preparedness for an earthquake minimizes injury, damage to your home and increases your safety. So, make sure you prepare yourself beforehand to escape the disastrous affects of an earthquake.

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