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Monday, April 16, 2012

Putting It Into Writing....

Unfortunately, my printer broke and I do not want to take money that can be used for more important items to buy a new one. So I have decided that since I already have most items printed off that I can use Notepads and write everything in them that I think is needed. Getting the Notebooks Online is super convenient! Keeping a notebook with everything in writing is also a good idea if you are ever without power and cannot get online.

The most important type of notebook that I wanted to have was one that is small enough to carry with me in my purse. That way I will have it with me at all times and be able to write things in it as they come to my head or when I see something. The first one that I got was the Roaring Spring Environotes Sugarcane Notebook. I LOVE it. Fits perfectly in my handbag. The paper has a great feel to it and it is tough. Perfect for my needs. Most notebooks that I have had to carry with me did not last long. Not sturdy enough for me. This one will last! Plus it has room for all of my ideas that come to my head at any time. When I am looking for more office supplies and paper notebooks I know what ones to buy.

Do you want a fun notebook that is VERY "green"?? I got one for you - A Roaring Spring Elephant PooPoo Paper!! YES ~ It is made from elephant poo!!
What an awesome idea! The paper is great too. I got this little notebook and I carry it with me, too. It is a cool notebook. Recycled and odorless. It is not gross to use paper made from elephant poo. They eat so much grass that most of it does not get digested. Which means this paper is really made up of grass. No cutting down of trees to make this paper. They are using something that is in plentiful supply to make this. I really like this paper and the feel of it. Be great to keep close at hand to write any ideas that come to me.

Now, I also love to plan my garden ahead of time so I have me a new Roaring Spring Landscape Format Writing Pad – Quad Ruled it is great graph style paper. Awesome for drawing garden plans, plans for sheds, graph out plans of your food storage room, and more. I really love it! Great quality paper. Really comes in handy when you are planning out anything. Make your measurements and draw the plan out. Very detailed and easy to do with this paper with its landscape format.

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