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Monday, March 26, 2012

The Importance of Pet Survival Kits

When it comes to emergencies, humans are not the only form of life that needs to be protected. While it is important to ensure that we all have emergency survival kits, it is also important to create pet survival kits if you own an animal. Our pets bring many things into our lives - protection, comfort, joy, and companionship are among the most common. Pets are dependent upon their pet owner for their care, their food, and their quality of life. Unfortunately, when a disaster or another type of emergency occurs, it is not at all uncommon for a pet to be forgotten. Pet survival is often taken for granted. If you own a pet, it is absolutely essential that you know the importance of pet survival kits and how to create one.

Start with the Survival Plan

If you are interested in ensuring pet survival during the event of an emergency, the first consideration that should be made is a survival plan for the animal that you are responsible for. First, you should determine a location in or around the home where you will place your pet should an emergency occur. Once you have established this location, it is important to place stickers on or near a door that will inform any type of emergency management worker where your pet will be located. Additionally, it is absolutely vital to ensure that you have the numbers and addresses of any and all pet care providers, animal doctors, and shelters that you may need during an event that puts your pet's health and safety at risk. When creating pet survival kits, it is important to include the details of the survival plan.

Essential Elements of Pet Survival Kits

There are several essential elements associated with pet survival kits. The first component of this kit should be a picture of the pet that you have. This will be extremely important should you lose track of the animal and it comes up missing. You should also ensure that you place all the medical records and shot records associated with the animal in the kit. In emergencies, it is common for accidents and sicknesses to occur that could impact pet survival. In most instances, it is important to have any and all medical information regarding your pet in an easily accessible location so you may eliminate the extra time that it takes to get medical assistance for your pet.

When creating pet survival kits, it is important to ensure that you have food and water rations available for the animal. It is also important to ensure that you have no less than a two week supply of food and water for the animal. It is also important to include items that will keep your pet comfortable during an emergency. Examples include a pet bed, pet blankets, and even toys that your pet enjoys. You should also include items that will assist in maintaining and/or transporting your pet during emergency situations. Examples include a carrier, a leash, a chain, collars, cages, and portable fences. By taking the time to consider pet survival, you will be able to create a kit that will assist in sustaining the life of the animal that you and your family have made part of your family.

Nicole Roberts
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