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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Affected By The Tornadoes That Hit So Close To Home

Our small community has been devastated by the tornadoes. Really still speechless. That was such a scary day for all of us. My daughter was stuck down by Louisville and we could not get to her. All of the highways were closed. My husband was on the road headed this way. My son was at the national guard armory. I was home with our little man watching the dark clouds move into our county and watching them south of us. Calling family in Pekin to tell them it was headed their way. Watching it on the news and watching the news men, teary eyed saying that the stuff we were seeing on the radar was the debris field and "That this is just Devastating! I am speechless!"
The story of the toddler, who by the way, is named Angel, being found in a field not far from my house is so heartbreaking. She is the sole survivor of her family! How is her life going to be from now on? How did she get there? Ten miles from her home! Just amazing! The stories that come out of such tragedy. The miracles, the loss, hope, survival, and the stories of communities coming together. Our town already has things set up at the grocery stores for donations for the people of Pekin, Indiana. We will all be alright, but we will not forget this. It makes you hug your family just a little bit tighter. It is something that will stay with this close-knit community for years and years.

The sadder thing about this, is that this will happen again. Maybe not here, but somewhere in the world , there is going to be another natural disaster and there will be loss and hope again.

Prayers go out to everybody. Keep safe people! and keep prepared for survival.

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