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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Reflector Ovens

There is ton of information online about making and using Reflector Ovens. There are also some great examples of ones in the images. You can make your own pretty easily. The one type that we always used when I was a kid used 2 aluminum pans. One placed in the back of a grill and one place on top ( or it was easier to just cover the top of the grill with aluminum foil) this way the heat reflects down and around. You can then bake this way. Bake breads, muffins, etc. The hot coals should be placed directly in front of the baking pan and not under it. Concentrated radiant heat around the baking pan is needed for the best results in your baking. Check your items during the baking time on the bottom as well as the top. Baking time on windy days will be a bit longer.

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