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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

How Will You Feed Your Family When the Food Crisis Hits?


Some of the things that you will find in this book:

3 Days to Anarchy: Why it would only take three days of empty grocery shelves to send North America into chaos. (See page 5.)
How Much Food Storage? Discover how to calculate the amount of extra food you need to store away to prepare for a long-term food shortage. (Page 7.)
Lights Out: Find out why the next solar flare storm could wipe out our food delivery system in a matter of minutes. It could take us three years to get modern grocery shopping back online. (Page 10.)
$2 Million Dollars for a Loaf of Bread: Read how our pending economic collapse can easily lead to food prices soaring to ridiculous amounts. It has happened many times over the last hundred years in many countries (as I illustrate on pages 12 and 13). We're not immune to financial gravity.
40,000 Years Overdue: Most Americans don't realize that we are literally sitting atop of a natural disaster that would wipe out food production, worldwide, for at least one year. (See pages 13 and 14 for the scientific proof
Meals Requiring Enemas: The pros and cons of dehydrated and canned foods. (Page 18.)

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Foraging for Food: How to find essential oils, protein-rich edibles and salad fixings within walking distance of your home (page 21).
Government Assistant: Find out why I'd rather live off rats and pine cones than rely on government assistant. (Page 23.)
Survival Gardening: Find out why I think growing your own garden is probably the best way to outlive a food shortage. Plus, I point out a major mistake most home gardeners make that could mean the difference between life and death. (Page 24.)
Forced to Eat Your Neighbor? Not much how-to instructions here. I added this little section – describing historical survival situations where people were forced to resort to cannibalism – as motivation to get off your rear and get prepared.

Sometimes Progress Involves a Few Step Backwards: Why we may need to regress technologically (for a while) in order to rebuild a more secure and sustainable future. (Page 29.)
Priority Number 1 and 2: What I believe are the first two things you should put in place to prepare for a short- or long-term food crisis. (Page 30.)
Don't Be Scared. Be Prepared: Take action now and the fear will go away. Hiding under the proverbial blanket will offer no defence against what is coming. (Read my take on page 30.)

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